ARES Security Appoints Woodruff Alumns as President

ARES Security Corporation, an enterprise security risk management solutions company, has named Ben Eazzetta (BSNE '96, MSME '97) as its President.  After officially establishing the company in October 2012, Dr. Richard J. Stuart, Chief Executive Officer and principal owner, has appointed Ben Eazzetta as President of ARES Security to drive the company’s mission of providing software and services to visualize, analyze and optimize security environments in both the government and non-regulated commercial markets. In addition to Eazzetta’s role as President of ARES Security Corporation, he has been placed in charge of Corporate Development for all of ARES Corporation.  This role will include managing all merger and acquisition activity for ARES.

Prior to joining ARES Security, Ben was President of International Operations for Rolta India Limited, a leading multinational technology services provider.  In this role, Ben Eazzetta grew Rolta’s international business from $25 million of annual revenue to over $300 million in five years.  “I expect a similar growth path for ARES Security,” said Eazzetta. “I was attracted to ARES Security because I enjoy working with companies that provide mission critical solutions to large, growing markets. As markets become more interdependent, risks become more complex and the pressure to react quickly becomes greater. Executives today need to spend half their time growing their business and the other half managing risks. With our solutions, ARES helps organizations protect their personnel, clients, and business operations and thereby their profitability.”

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