Graduate FAQ


Q. I do not have an engineering degree. Can I apply?  

A. To be eligible for an MSME degree, the applicant must have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or an equivalent engineering degree.

Q. I was denied admission.  Is there a way I can be reconsidered for admission? 

A. The application is good for one year.  However, you must notify the Office of Student Services in writing to reactivate your application.

Q. I was admitted with no financial support.  How do I go about finding support?

A. It is the responsibility of the student to contact faculty members that work in their research area regarding possible support.  Please also see the finance section of the graduate handbook for a complete overview of financial support.

Q. I was admitted in the program.  However, is it possible to defer my acceptance? 

A. The acceptance can be deferred for up to one year.

Q. How are students funded?

A. Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships and most fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic potential. Students are nominated for assistantships by the department. In general, MS non-thesis students are not funded.  Students can apply for a variety of fellowships sponsored by national organizations, corporations, and foundations. Information regarding fellowships is available at

Program of Study

Q. When should I submit my Program of Study? 

A. The Proposed Program of Study should be submitted electronically via the handbook ( by the end of the first term.  It should be updated whenever changes are made.

Q. Do you allow transfer credit from other schools?

A. Any transfer of credit must be requested during your first semester in residence at Georgia Tech. You may receive up to six semester hours of transfer credit toward the M.S. degree for graduate-level courses taken at an accredited institution in the United States or Canada and not used for credit toward another degree. You must supply a current transcript of these courses for the evaluation.   

Q. I entered the Ph.D. program with an M.S. from another school. Can I use any of the M.S. classes toward the Ph.D. coursework requirement?

A. Yes, you may use any course work that you have earned beyond the BS degree.  You may also use up to nine hours of credit from your thesis if you completed an MS thesis option.

Q. Can Pass/Fail courses be counted towards the degree requirement? 

A. No, only letter grade courses are allowed.


Q. How many hours are considered full time and part-time? 

A. Full time is at least 12 hours.  Part-time is at least 3 hours.

Q. How many hours must a student register for in a term?

A. If you are receiving assistance in the form of Graduate Research Assistantship, Graduate Teaching Assistantship and/or Fellowship, you are required to register for a minimum of 12 hours.

If you are not receiving assistance, the minimum is 3 hours.     

Q. How do I change a class from pass/fail to letter grade?

A. Instructions to change the grade mode during active registration times are:
           Log into Buzzport

Registration and Student Services

Select –Students Services & Financial Aid


Select-Add/Drop Classes


Select Change Course Options

Select -Add/Drop Classes

After Phase 2 registration closes and before the last day to drop an individual class for the semester, students can change the grade mode from letter grade to pass/fail using the Request for Grade Mode Change form.  This can only be done for classes that are offered in both grade modes.

After phase 2 registration closes, there is no way to change the grade mode to or from audit mode.

Q. I would like to audit a ME course.  Is this possible?

A. No, we do not offer ME courses as audit credit. You may check with the individual instructor and ask if it would be okay for you to sit in on the class.


Q. I would like to participate in an internship and will not be taking classes.  What do I need to do to make sure I retain my student status for when I return to campus?  What is the difference between graduate co-op and graduate internships?

A. At the graduate level, internships and co-op work assignments mean the same thing at Georgia Tech. Although graduate students may work internships without enrollment credit at Georgia Tech, co-op/internships registered through the Division of Professional Practice’s Graduate Co-op Program are recorded on your transcript as full-time, non-fee based, audit credit. This allows you to maintain your enrollment status while you gain full-time work experience in your field.


Q. I have not been enrolled for several semesters.  What is the procedure for readmission?

A. If you have been out of school for 2 or more consecutive terms, you must apply for readmission.  This is an online process.  There is a $25.00 fee associated with this processed.  For more information regarding deadlines please go to

Academically Dismissed

1.      Q. I have been academically dropped from Georgia Tech.  What I need to do to be reinstated?

A. Readmission is not guaranteed.  If Georgia Tech has dropped you from school, you must do the following:

-Sit out of school for at least one semester before you can apply for readmission.

-Meet with your Academic Advisor. You will be asked to complete an Academic Contract, Petition to the Faculty form, Readmission form, and a detailed explanation of what happened and what your plan is for returning to school.

The paperwork will be reviewed by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies and then forwarded to the Registrar for processing.  A STUDENT WHO HAS BEEN ACADEMICALLY DISMISSED A SECOND TIME FOR UNSATISFACTORY GRADES WILL NOT BE READMITTED.  See Rules and Regulations                            


PLEASE NOTE:  Individual academic departments may have more restrictive rules. Be sure to contact your Academic Advisor.